Stay Organized Before & After Business Relocation
Keeping Your Business Running On The Move

Moving your business can be difficult, disorderly and disruptive -- not to mention frustrating. But Anchor’s got good news: It doesn’t have to be that way. By incorporating a few organizational techniques, your move goes smoothly and painlessly. And most importantly, your business maintains its high level of productivity during the transition. Here are five organizational tips to implement before your move and five to implement after to ensure a seamless relocation for you and your team:


  1. Make it a team effort.
    Coordinate a relocation team within your organization comprised of organized, enthusiastic and diligent employees from each department. Optimally, these individuals should be senior staff members who have a vested interest in a smooth transition. Equally important is appointing a leader who’s responsible for all phases of the relocation and for supervising the team.
  2. What do you need?
    Assess your specific needs based on space, furniture or equipment. Ask the team members what they need from the new space in terms of electrical and equipment requirements, number of current employees and expected growth, number of offices versus cubes and location preferences. Rank the most critical needs and begin preliminary space planning accordingly, always keeping your timeline in mind.
  3. Compare vendors constructively.
    Create spreadsheets when comparing different vendors. This way, all the details, facts and figures are laid out in an organized fashion and you can compare apples to apples.
  4. Share the details.
    It’s important to get your team fully on board with the move. This means involving them by making it a team effort (tip #1), asking them what they need (tip #2) and making all the details of the move as transparent as appropriately possible. Have a specific file, like a Google document, or even an internal team website that all your team members can access and update. This space should have all the essentials that your employees need to know -- updated on a regular basis if need be -- and include an area for questions, comments and concerns.
  5. Keep the move on their minds.
    Have weekly meetings leading up to move day, updating your team with any announcements that require more than an email or update in the shared document or portal. The moving team should lead these meetings and someone should be assigned to take notes and record important suggestions or ideas. Also, take advantage of these weekly meetings to keep spirits up and energy high regarding the move -- get your team excited about the new space!


  1. How’d it all turn out?
    You put a lot of work into preparing for your move, so make sure you and your team carry this organized and united energy into the period right after your relocation, too. This ensures that all loose ends are tied up. Was the proposed game plan followed? Why or why not? Where were the kinks or obstacles in the process? Evaluating your move after the move shows you what your team needs to do differently or better to work together more efficiently.
  2. Check up on invoices.
    Analyze all the invoices from your vendors to make sure everything came in on budget and according to your financial objectives.
  3. Follow up with vendors.
    What did they do right and what did they do wrong? They deserve to hear your feedback, whether it’s simple praise and appreciation for a job well done or critique that could help them improve their process in the future.
  4. Get your team’s feedback.
    How do they feel about the new space? Is it up to their expectations? Make sure their space and equipment or furniture requests (“before the move” tip #2) have been fulfilled.
  5. Is it party time?
    If you have some room in your budget, throw a nice party -- or even a simple get-together with low-cost snacks and décor -- to show your team members your appreciation for their efforts throughout the relocation process.

With motivated employees and a bit of organization, you can make your move a positive experience for both you and your team. Download our printable PDF for a more detailed business relocation checklist. And of course, taking advantage of Anchor’s relocation experts and having your own Chief Moving Officer helps too!

To partner with Anchor’s relocation experts for a seamless and organized move, visit Anchor Moving Systems online or call 1-800-558-MOVE (6683) to speak with your very own Chief Moving Officer.