Introducing: Anchor Moving Systems
How We Keep You Anchored During Your Move

FACT: Moving can be difficult, disorderly and disruptive.
FACT: It doesn't have to be that way.

With Anchor Moving Systems, you're guaranteed a smooth and hassle-free executive transition. Our team of specialized household moving experts is with you every step of the way -- giving you pack-to-unpack solutions for a seamless and pleasant move. But we know that merely proclaiming our mission statement or telling you that we've been in business since 1964 doesn't cut it. So instead of telling you about our dedication to executive relocation, we're going to show you with the nuts and bolts that make Anchor tick and keep your move slick.

  1. Partnership With Stevens Worldwide Van Lines
    Our partnership with Stevens Worldwide Van Lines ensures that you get an unparalleled moving experience. As the second largest agency in the Stevens system, we're able to accommodate local, long-distance and even international executive relocation services. And with Anchor's Stevens Plus Program, you gain access to an experienced network of real estate professionals, cash rebates on the sale or purchase of your home and expert guidance in choosing the community that fits your personal or family's needs and preferences.
  2. From Pack & Haul To Do-It-All
    One of the top mistakes that a business makes when moving its top-level executives is to hire a non pack-and-haul moving company. Anchor takes care of every step of the moving process -- packing, loading, hauling and unloading -- so there are fewer people involved in the relocation of your belongings. We also refresh our team twice a year in the science of packing precision to ensure your belongings are packed with efficient organization and proper care.
  3. Making Your Move Personal
    When you're moving to a new home, the last thing you want to deal with is any confusion or miscommunication from your moving company. When you partner with Anchor, you get one point of contact. Your Chief Moving Officer (CMO) has intimate knowledge of every detail of your move, so if you have a question or concern, you know who to call.
  4. Experience, Period.
    When it comes down to it, experience matters. You don't want someone who's new to the business handling your personal belongings and making the transition to your new household. Work with Anchor and you get drivers with an average of 17 years of experience and movers who have an average of 12 years in the business.
  5. Anchored Price
    The price we quote is the price you pay -- no hidden fees or add-on charges. Simple and clear pricing, guaranteed.

When you're moving your household, you need an anchor to stabilize the process and ensure a smooth transition. Let Anchor be your moving partner.

To partner with Anchor for a smooth executive transition, visit Anchor Moving Systems online or call 1-800-558-MOVE (6683) to speak with your very own Chief Moving Officer.